How to Add Cookies Notification on Blogger Blog

How to Add Cookies Notification on Blogger Blog

The cookie notification or cookies is a notification to all visitors about the Legislation that address site issues in the European Union.

Hello everyone, in this post I will share how to install cookies notifications on blogger (blogspot) blog. When you visit website or blog, a pop-up will usually appear at the bottom of the page or top of the page on almost any site that you open while searching the Internet. It will For those who are not aware of this, this notification is called cookies notification. I have explained in detail about how to install it on the blogger blog. Before discussing about it, you should know what is meant by the term cookies.

What are Cookies and cookies notification?

A cookie is a small file containing a bundle of data. The cookie itself doesn't actually "do" anything, but it's installed on a device and can be used to identify the user or collect personal data. In addition, this feature also has another function to remember all the history of the movements of the visitors when opening the page. When you visit a site, you may have registered on a site by entering your username and password data. Well, after a few days, you can enter the site again without registering. This is one of its functions that can remember activities based on the device's IP.

The cookie notification is a notification to all visitors about the Legislation that address site issues in the European Union.

Earlier, the blogger has appealed to every author to use this notice. This is not without reason, in 2021, the level of search engine usage in different countries is already very high.

Cookies Function :-

  1. Remember all Activity history in Search Activity.
  2. As a Notification to Visitors about the laws of web pages in the European Union.
  3. As one of the requirements to register for Google AdSense.

What is the EU Cookie Law

If you run a website or blog, it's a safe bet you use cookies. If your website or blog readers live in Europe and your site uses cookies, you may be breaking the law. European Union (EU) laws require you to give EU visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.

The EU Cookie Legislation requires 4 actions from website owners who use cookies:

  1. When someone visits your website, you need to let them know that your site uses cookies.
  2. You need to provide detailed information regarding how that cookie data will be utilized.
  3. You need to provide visitors with some means of accepting or refusing the use of cookies in your site.
  4. If they refuse, you need to ensure that cookies will not be placed on their machine.

Google added Cookies notification for Blogger (blogspot) blog

Google show cookies notification about Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies on your blogger (blogspot) blog, including Google Analytics and AdSense cookies. If you have edited your blogger (blogspot) blog in a way that hides this notice, it will be your responsibility to notify your visitors about cookies used on your blog and if necessary, obtain consent. Also, if you have added other blog features that set cookies, including third-party services, analytics or advertising services, you’ll need to provide additional or a different notice. It is your responsibility to determine, based on your cookie use, what else would be appropriate. You can Learn about Google’s privacy practices and how Google uses data on partner sites.

How to Install Cookies Notifications on Blogger :-

  1. First Login and Open Your Blogger Account.
  2. Now Click on Theme Menu.
  3. After Click on Edit Html.
  4. Then Copy The Given Code and Put it Above The </body>.
  5. <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='//'/>
    <script src='//'></script>
    <script type='text/javascript'>
      "palette": {
        "popup": {
          "background": "#212121"
        "button": {
          "background": "#e8b015"
      "position": "bottom-left",
      "content": {
        "href": "/p/cookies-policy.html"
    }                                           );                                       

    Note :- You can change the value of popup background, button background, position and content url link according to yours Need.

  6. Finally, Don't Forget to Click on Save Theme and See The Result.

Conclusion :-

Since Google released a notification, it's a good idea to start setting cookies on every blog. I've only provided a script with a minimal code structure to make search engines load faster.


By using this javascript plugin you agree to following these terms.

  1. It is the responsibility of the website developer using this plug-in to check that cookies are being set at the correct times
  2. This site and its owner accept no responsibility for integration or behaviour on any other website.

In this post I have shared How to Install Cookies Notifications on Blogger. I hope this way of Install Cookies Notifications on Blogger can be very useful for you and your blog. Thank you for visiting our website.

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